Our Mission is to encourage and educate the public proper recycling ethics, and offer individuals, corporations, governments, municipalities, and institutions facilities to properly and confidently recycle from a few pounds to the mountains of accumulated materials and objects that has no further use and value to them. To accomplish this mammoth challenge 100ENV has established an extensive network of partners who not only offer world class expertise, but the more important day to day encouragement and support even when times are tough.

Being 100% Environmental is the company’s guiding principle for its activities. But it’s also a commitment to customers, authorities and the community. Promoting research and development into processes and techniques that prevent the burial of large quantities of waste while reducing the environmental impact of their valorization.

Administration Team

Anthony Salvatore

Mr Salvatore has a Bachelor degree from Concordia University with a specialization in environmental sciences. His qualities as a visionary and communicator have contributed greatly to the success of the company.