Since 2012, 100ENV has implementing the protocols of the Recycler Qualification Program (RQP) 2010.


We process E-waste as well manually and mechanically. The components are sorted and safely stored. All finished products (output) are inventoried and stored safely. 100ENV does not repackage or resell hardware components.

Tracking of the material

All components are separated to recover recyclable items such as glass, plastic and metal which can then be transformed into new products. Substances of concern are removed and sent for appropriate downstream management.
We have implemented secure computerized tracking system starting at the pick-up. Traceability allows customers to know what happens next to their hardware.

Secure information destruction

Upon request, we offer the certified and secure destruction of media. The service includes the physical shredding of hard drives and all other related parts used for storage of information. This process meets the requirements of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).